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This section is meant to facilitate the sharing of information among partners as far as the dissemination events carried out are concerned. A description of the event, the number of people participating and the evaluation of the event are available for each dissemination event.

Partners' Institution:

Trakų Vytauto Didžiojo gimnazija

Name of the person involved in the event:

Dalia Valikonienė

Date of the event:

31 January 2020 - 31 January 2020

Type of Dissemination event:

Informative Mailing

Target group:


Number of people reached by event:


Held in:

Lentvaris (Lithuania)

Description of Dissemination Event:

Informative email with invitation to join the project as associated partner and to place information online about project in school website was sent to Lentvaris Motiejus Šimelionis gymnasium administration. It was shared: leaflet of the project, link to the project's website, information about project's results, documents to become associated partner

Outcomes and Results:

Lentvaris Motiejus Šimelionis gymnasium joined as associated partner.

Supporting Documents: