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Date of the Conference
Place of the Conference
Iasi, Romania

The Multiplier Event gathered 48 local participants from outside the CLIL4STEAM project partnership.

The aim of the event, concerning the involvement of target group, was to bring together staff members from the academic sector, schools, to share their experiences in working in European projects, and to transfer to the results of the CLIL4STEAm project to extended target group.

The participants are:

33 secondary school teachers from 12 schools in Iasi and Iasi County

12 from primary sector from 3 kindergartens in Iasi

1 trainer from an education organisation

2 school inspectors from the Iasi School Inspectorate

All the participants are working in the education sector, are from both the urban and the rural area, and their registrations for participation in the Multiplier event, have been accepted based on their interest in increasing their knowledge and competences in developing Erasmus+ projects and in the usage of the CLIL method. In this context, the Clil4Steam project has been presented as an example.

The organization of the event was distributed in 5 sections:

Welcome speech from the representative of the Iasi School Inspectorate.

Presentation of the Erasmus+ Programme and the benefits the programme bring to the education sector.

Presentation of the CLIL for STEAM project

Sharing the experience of the training activity held within the project

Roundtable on the impact and benefits the CLIL teaching – learning method can have in our schools. SWOT analyse

The event ended with the Conclusions and evaluation, feedback collection. The presenters highlighted the most important aspects about the need to continue to use the CLIL5STEAM platform and how important and useful are the resources created for the present and future blended teaching-learning process. 


The conclusions achieved:

-  Educational resources are useful for the educational instructional process. The projects benefit both institutions, students, teachers, parents and the local community.

-   Clear, concrete information - sources of inspiration for future projects.

-    Such projects bring multiple benefits to the educational environment, from the development of teachers to the contribution of discovering innovative solutions in the field of education.

-    Congratulations for the wonderful organization, for the interactive presentation of the contents and much success in the future! Thank you for the opportunity to share in such an event.

-    The project stimulates creativity and drives the teaching activity towards an innovative approach.


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