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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Model House 1: Isometric Drawings

Subject taught
- Technology

Type of Product
- Diagrams and graphs
- Project-based activity

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction

Isometric Paper A number of variations of isometric are uploaded there are many more available on the internet. The benefit of having the isometric papers boosts novice drawers or designers ability to produce the required design. Once the method has been practiced a number of times students will no longer need the isometric paper. Students can also be encouraged to produce their own designs: • What will the house of 2050 look like? Or they can be asked to use them to produce abstract designs before they attempt something as structured as a house. This project-based activity encourages students to collaborate on interpretation of the information given in the video. It should be for ages 14 - 18 depending on the amount of 3D drawing experience. They should compete the work and collaboration using English.

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