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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Renewable energy - Geothermal Heat Pumps

Subject taught
- Biology
- Chemistry


Type of Product
- Videos
- Web Site/Portal

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction
- Listening
- Reading
- Speaking

Transferable/Scientific Skills Developed
• To know how heat flows from a warmer object to a colder one. • To know what a geothermal heat pump is. • To know why geothermal energy is a sustainable and ready-to-use resource

General aims o To realize how science and technology can be at the service of man’s daily energy needs o To understand that it is possible to use geothermal energy not only for the production of electricity but also to operate domestic air conditioning systems o To realize how important it is to design sustainable housing Linguistic aims o To increase students’ capability to get useful information from short documentaries in a foreign language. o To learn to describe a scientific phenomenon related to heat transmission with specific technical language o To practice the impersonal language to speculate about scientific topics. Subject specific aims o To know the origin of the convective motions that are at the base of the transmission of heat in a fluid To learn the reasons why the heat is trapped into the earth at various depths o To realize that the use of geothermal energy depends on the depth below earth’s crust Target group age: 15-16 Level of competence in English (CEFR) B1 Time required to use the resource with the students 2 hours How to use it o Watching the video after a general explanation about the structure of the earth and the properties of silicon and how it is possible to drug it using its nearby atoms in periodic table. o Stimulating the discussion between students in order to focus their attention on which aspects of geothermal plants are critic and are to be improved to make them a valid, competitive method to produce energy. Possible difficulties for the students o understand why the heat trapped in the earth is also linked to the presence of radiative substances o understanding the mechanisms of electricity production in industrial geothermal plants