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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Exponential growth - excersises

Subject taught
- Math


Type of Product
- Exercises
- Web Site/Portal

Language Skills Developed
- Reading
- Speaking

Transferable/Scientific Skills Developed
Studentys will develop the following skills: -intellectual skills including organization and planning; -personal skills: time management, responsibility, discipline, self-confidence.

The resource helps to understand what the exponent is. An exponential process is a process where something doubles over time, for example, unicellular bacteria. At first, we have one bacteria, and after some time it will multiply, and then we will have two. Add some more time and we will find that we already have four of them which will multiply into eight, and then sixteen, and after some time we will have millions of them. It can also be called Powers or indices when speaking about numbers. It says how many times to use a number in a multiplication or how many times to divide. The diagram shows the visualization of the exponent compared to other functions. Exponent starts slowly, but catches up very quickly and surpasses other functions. The exponent is a rather "insidious" function - if we compare it with a straight line or a cube, we will see that it grows quite slowly at the beginning and lags behind both the straight line and the cube. However, after some time it very abruptly bypasses both the straight line and the cubic function. The teacher shows students an explanation of exponential growth through multimedia, tries to explain everything in great detail. Students listen very attentively and markdown any questions they might have about the exponents. After some time, the teacher can put students in groups of four or more and ask them to write all the things they remember from the explanation. The teacher should give groups some time to do this, it might be 10 minutes might be more. Students then present their work and teacher can do the following: ask questions herself about the information which havenā€˜t been mentioned, or ask students from other groups to share their ideas. Tasks are assigned to the students of the 11-12 forms. The time required for using the teaching material with students is one academic hour (45 minutes). Level of competence in English (CEFR): B2.

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