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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Fata Morgana

Subject taught
- Physics


Type of Product
- Articles
- Videos

Language Skills Developed
- Listening
- Reading
- Writing

Transferable/Scientific Skills Developed
Students will develop self-motivation and critical thinking skills.

General aims Students will be able to explain the phenomenon. They will acquire the basic English vocabulary connected with the topic (Fata Morgana). Students will develop positive learning habits such as organisational and critical thinking skills. Linguistic aims Students will be able to: -listen English video with ease -reflect on their listening experience and share it with their peers -get the main ideas -comprehend the topic correctly -translate words connected with the topic (Fata Morgana) from English into their mother tongue. Subject specific aims Students will be able to: -explain the phenomenon Target groups age: Students from high school 16-18+ years old. Level of competence in English (CEFR) B1+/B2 Time required to use the resource with the students: 1 hour •How to use it The teacher introduces the topic and brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic. Students have to complete a KWL chart: K – What do they already know about the Fata Morgana?/ W – What do they want to know related to the topic?/ L – left blank to be completed as part of the plenary of the lesson with the information students have learned during this lesson. Students work in groups. Students create a short story entitled: Fata Morgana. Requirements: include at least 3 scientific items of information they learned in the previous lesson or from their own knowledge/ Make a drawing to show how they imagine Fata Morgana. The teacher provides students with a graph that structures the main outlines related to the topic (Origins of the most fascinating mirage + history of Fata Morgana / what are the complex atmospheric conditions that create this phenomenon + explanation of the phenomenon/ differences between a fake and a real Fata Morgana). Students have to explore the OER found on and and summarize the information by selecting the main features and making comparisons where relevant. The teacher sets a deadline and tells students to write 100 -150 words. When they finish their task their images and stories are displayed in a gallery walk around the room – students see them and question/ inquire as to what they represent to deepen their understanding. Possible difficulties for the students Students who have poor knowledge of English can have problems with understanding the content.

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