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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Tricks of Light 2 Mirages Script & Glossary

Subject taught
- Physics

Type of Product
- Glossary

Language Skills Developed
- Listening
- Reading
- Speaking

Glossary Glossaries allow learners to record important vocabulary. A glossary is often in the form of a notebook or computer ?le containing terms for each subject. It is a list of words which learners need to learn and understand, and often, use actively. After or during the review of the video the learner may decide to write down the words that they want to learn. Personalising the focus of the learning is a good way of helping learners retain new words. Should learners work in groups there is the opportunity for the learners to peer learn, where some learners may already understand the words and can assist others to understand and learn them. Other variations for glossary entries are: Copy the original sentence and underline or highlight the word to be learned. Give learners words or phrases which are associated with the glossary term and require them to use them in other sentences Help learners recall words in groups or categories, for example by creating mind maps of words in themes. Create a narrative using ten of the words related to a topic. Learners listen to this story and notice the words used. Ask learners to write down usage examples for two or three words they have worked on in the lesson. In random order, learners then read out one example, so that as many as possible are collected. Ask learners to develop their own list of words they wish to work on at the beginning of class and see if there are any that still need to be dealt with by the end of class. Script When looking at the script teachers need to select vocabulary items that learners need to know and understand in order to be able to process the input in a task or experiment. This is the target vocabulary, or the key words. This falls into two categories when reviewing the video scripts. What you know and Key words When dealing with the “What you know” section of the script it allows teachers to review any pre-learning that may be required for this particular video to be of maximum video to the students. The second area of “Key Words” draws attention to new vocabulary that may need additional attention during and/or after the video.

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