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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Physical Properties of Metals: A Kitchen Investigation of Iron in Breakfast Cereals

Subject taught
- Chemistry
- Physics

Type of Product
- Interactive activity
- Project-based activity

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction
- Reading

This activity involves some simple experimentation that could be done at home as well as in school. The linguistic aim is to encourage the students to read and follow simple instructions. It demonstrates a property of iron - magnetism, but could be further extended for discussions on the function of iron in haemoglobin and human physiology. It is aimed at junior age groups but requires basic competence in English. They will also have to understand the vocabulary for everyday items needed for the activity. The activity is straightforward once students have the basic equipment and access to breakfast cereals and magnets. There are lots of ways the investigation could be extended to encourage further discussion and expand vocabulary, e.g. repeat using different cereals, quantify the percentage iron in the cereal sample, compare results with other students, etc.

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