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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Exponential Growth Anagram Quiz

Subject taught
- Math


Type of Product
- Exercises
- Interactive activity

Language Skills Developed
- Reading

Many people utilise anagrams to have fun and learn new words while they are doing sot. Anagrams are not always easy to solve; they require concentration and quick thinking. Anagrams are word puzzles that depend on the ability to produce words or phrases. Word anagrams depend on arranging letters to form words. This exercise is available as a printed handout or as an interactive activity on wordwall. This can be set as a time challenge and students often respond positively to the idea of the leaderboard for finding the solutions in the fastest time. This exercise should be used after the students have viewed the videos on the topic and reviewed the script and glossary. They should use it to reinforce their vocabulary in the mathematical topic. It should be used also as a means of learning spelling of the technical terms. The exercise should be competed in 10 to 15 minutes.

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