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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Satellites Crossword

Subject taught
- Physics


Type of Product
- Exercises
- Gamification

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction
- Reading

Please describe the teaching resource taking into consideration the: • General aims: This resource features crossword of some of the key terms associated with this video. Students are given ten clues to keywords from the video on the topic and asked to fill in the crossword. • Linguistic aims: to review the keywords from the video lesson and to reinforce the terminology. • Subject specific aims: to reinforce the concepts covered in the Satellite video. • Target group age: 12 – 16 years • Level of competence in English (CEFR): B1 • Time needed to be used with the students: students could complete this task in a short class period. It could also be a homework exercise. • How to use it: This is a printable handout that allows the students to familiarize themselves with the key concepts covered in the video. The keywords could also be used for an expanded task like saying the keyword and then using it in a sentence.

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