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Collection of Teaching Resources

Teaching Resource: Hydrocarbons Movie 2: Substitution Reactons

Subject taught
- Chemistry

Type of Product
- Gamification
- Interactive activity

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction
- Reading
- Speaking
- Writing

This resource encourages students to review the free radical substitution reaction of chlorine with methane. They should think about the chemical reaction and the conditions required for the reaction to take place. Storyboarding the video and writing the commentary should reinforce both the basic and general vocabulary. The technical terms in the resource handout are basic but understanding is essential to progress to the more detailed chemistry of these organic compounds. The target age group is 14 - 18. Level of English CEFR B1 This resource may take a double class to allow for excellent storyboarding. It can be used for individual or group work, or perhaps as an end of unit assessment project. Students will find the interaction a fun way to learn the concepts.

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