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Collection of Created Teaching Resources

Predator Prey Word Wheel

Subject taught
- Biology


Type of Product
- Interactive activity

Language Skills Developed
- Reading
- Speaking

This resource was created on
This interactive word wheel allows the students to spin the wheel. They then have to think about and say a sentence using the word the wheel stops at.
All of the words are keywords in the video.
The age group is 14 - 18 years and it should expand their ability to transpose the ideas in the video into thoughts and then spoken interpretations of the words.
For the biological sciences, students should have more knowledge of feeding relationships and should have more keywords for ecology at more senior study levels.
This could be used in one class period but is reusable for homework and for practice purposes.
The random wheel is also available as a printable pdf that could be used to 'tick off' words as the student learns them and masters sentences containing the words.

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