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Collection of Reviewed Teaching Resources

Hands on Engineering STEM Projects for Kids and Students

Subject taught
- Art
- Technology


Type of Product
- Web Site/Portal

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction
- Reading

Transferable/Scientific Skills Developed
Student will develop key competences, such as problem-solving, verbal communication, and development of creativity.

General aims:
- to learn about art and crafts
- to be able to create interesting engineering crafts
- to know the language associated with art and crafts
- to develop positive learning habits such as organisational and problem-solving skills.

Linguistic aims:
- to read English with ease
- to understand content
- to learn from written texts
- to express opinion
- to enable students to understand topic correctly
- to develop academic language
- to translate words connected with probability in English into the mother tongue using their own words.

Subject specific aims:
- to familiarise students with art and crafts
- to enable students to create various engineering Crafts

Target group age:
The website is aimed at both younger and older students. Therefore, it might be suitable for the teacher to review each project before class. All of them will definitely help students to develop their creativity in art and crafts. Also, the resource is recommended to teachers who want to teach art using English.

Level of competence in English (CEFR)

Time required to use the resource with the students:
Each project might take 1-2 lessons to complete. The teacher should allow students to pick their own projects according to their preference.

How to use it
Each project should be discussed during the lesson and then students should try to create it.

The website contains a lot of interesting and engaging projects. These project-based lessons focus on basic principles of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. All projects in the collection use the same set of materials, so it's easy and cheap to buy in bulk and create many of these activities (links are provided in-lesson).

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