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Collection of Reviewed Teaching Resources

Properties of metals 2: Chemical Properties - Multiple choice questionnaire

Subject taught
- Chemistry


Type of Product
- Multiple choice questionnaire

Language Skills Developed
- Interaction

Transferable/Scientific Skills Developed
By completing this online test students will be able to assess their knowledge on the topic of chemical properties of metals and, as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses by analysing each question thoroughly.

The aim of this online multiple-choice questionnaire is to assess students’ knowledge on the topic of chemical properties of metals. Students will be provided with 20 questions and 2-4 options for an answer. Students can use any device for this online questionnaire, complete it at their own pace and progress independently.
This task is aimed at students of 15-16 years old.
Level of competence in English (CEFR): B1
Time required to complete the multiple choice online questionnaire: 15-20 minutes
How to use it: a teacher may assign the online questionnaire any time while face-to-face communicating with students OR this questionnaire can be assigned as homework by providing students the link. The teacher will be notified once the test is completed and will be informed about the students’ results.
Teacher uses the link to enter the questionnaire and generates a live code for students to log on the game. Students enter the code provided in their smart phones, ipads, or laptops and register for the game by providing their name. Once every student is logged on, the teacher starts the game. Students answer the questions provided at their own pace (although there is an option for the teacher to limit the time for each answer) and are instantly informed whether their chosen answer was correct or incorrect. All the students are ranked by the system, and they can observe their place on the leader board after each question. Once students complete the quiz, they can check their total score and review the questions.
Teacher may download the report on the test completed, which includes data of the students, as well as their results and statistics, which questions were easy and which ones were more complex.
Possible difficulties for the students: no or faulty internet access, no smart gadgets to complete the questionnaire with.

This online multiple choice questionnaire allows to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way. As studens take the quiz, they can see how their responses compare to the rest of the class while remaining anonymous. The students are able to review their responses immediately while still fresh in their minds rather than having to wait for a teacher to grade each individually. Quizizz has a very straightforward layout and the site does a great job of walking you through the quiz-making process step by step, so as not to overwhelm the user. Taking the quizzes themselves is also extremely intuitive. Once the students have entered the access code, all there is to do is select an answer to the questions as they appear. Type of learning: behaviourism ISTE Standards for students: Empowered Learner Weakness: requires internet access and electronic devices. Pedagogical values: self-directed learning, language development across the curriculum, contextualization.